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To register as a participant in a HTH community walk, please complete this form in its entirety and submit it along with the required registration fee. The signature of each participant or a qualified parent or guardian for participants less than 18 years old is required.

Emory Beacon of Light 

Emory Beacon of Light Inc. Is a tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) Organization (Tax ID# 52-2109509)

I have full knowledge of the risks involved with, and understand that I could be injured during, the Help the Homeless event (the “Event”). I agree to assume all risks of such injury. I unconditionally release and discharge Emory Beacon of Light and all other persons and entities involved with this Event from any and all claims, damages, and expenses that may arise directly or indirectly from my participation in this Event. I understand that neither Emory Beacon of Light nor any of the other sponsors, individuals, or groups involved in the coordination of this Event makes any representations or warranties about the fitness or condition of the public parks, streets, or trails that will be used for the Event, and I agree that none of those parties is responsible for the maintenance or condition of those parks, streets, or trails, or for the public safety thereon. I hereby certify that I am able to participate in this Event without harm to myself or others. I hereby grant Emory Beacon of Light and its licensees the irrevocable right to use and publish, for any purpose whatsoever and without compensation, any photographs, video recordings, or motion pictures of my likeness, voice, portrait, testimonial statement, if any, and to refer to me and my name, title, city, and state of residence in relation thereto, in all media and promotion of Emory Beacon of Light in connection with my participation in the Event.

(Signature of Participant (of parent or guardian if under 18 years old 

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